Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apparently, Big Daddy Doesn't Want GG To Talk

At all.

Canadians would think that even a pathologically mute government, whose relations with the country's surrogate head of state are tepid at best, could answer the question: Did President Barack Obama invite Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean to Washington?

But no.

The Prime Minister's Office for three days has refused to respond to queries about a Saturday report published in several Ontario newspapers that the President, on his recent visit to Ottawa, invited Ms. Jean to the U.S. capital to talk about the politics and economy of her native Haiti.

Ms. Jean's spokeswoman, Marthe Blouin, who was quoted in the published reports as saying the President told the Governor-General he “would love to see her in Washington,” has since issued an e-mail statement saying: “I have nothing to say regarding the … article on Saturday.”

What is it with this lot of Conservatives? Harper seems to have such a limited repertoire of communication available to him that he can't even deal with a simple question - and worse, it appears that the PMO is insisting that the GG's office can't comment either!

Canadians have learned more about what happened when Obama came to Ottawa through the US press and the White House than we have from our own government.

This is disgraceful. Prime Minister Harper should be ashamed of himself. His disrespect for Canada, Canadians and our head of state is beyond appalling for a man who is the head of the sitting government.

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