Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on the Lawrence King Murder

Almost a year ago, Larry King was murdered by a classmate.

For most of the last year, we've seen a steady stream of 'blame the victim' coming out from those who think it's just fine to blow someone's brains out if they are GLBT.

Today, the Prosecution filed a brief in court that paints a bit more of the picture - and it's not pretty:

McInerney was the aggressor, teasing the effeminate King for weeks and vowing to "get a gun and shoot" him, according to a prosecution brief. Multiple students provided accounts of a growing hostility between the two boys, the document shows.

Lovely ... and it gets worse, as the prosecution's brief also paints a little more of the picture:

In her statement of facts, Fox contends that King and McInerney had an acrimonious relationship for months prior to the shooting. They sparred with "typical 8th grade, back-and-forth insults; some sexual, some not," she wrote.

Witnesses said King was usually not the aggressor. But after months of teasing by McInerney and other male students who called him "faggot," he had began to retort, according to prosecutors.
A few minutes later, prosecutors allege, McInerney told one of King's friends: "Say goodbye to your friend Larry because you're never going to see him again."

Ugh! What a nasty little piece of work. I remember kids like that when I was in Jr. High - they made my life decidedly unpleasant when I came into their sights. Fortunately, the chances of any of them being able to lay hands on a firearm were pretty much nil. Larry King wasn't so fortunate.

The prosecution brief also reveals for the first time that McInerney was familiar with firearms, and that he had used that particular weapon in the past during target shooting with his family.

Investigators found a training video in his possession titled "Shooting in Realistic Environments," as well as skinhead and neo-Nazi books and similar writings from the Internet, prosecutors wrote.

Delightful. Not only was the accused your basic garden variety middle school thug, but he's also shown us that he had fantasies about being a neo-nazi. This isn't exactly a poster child for upstanding citizen, is it?

Regardless of whatever may have happened in the school hallways, there is nothing that redeems the accused's decision to go get a gun, and pull the trigger twice. There is a degree of intent and premeditation being described here that is absolutely chilling - especially when it is coming from a thirteen or fourteen year old boy.

H/T: Trans Group Blog

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