Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calgarians Are "Whiners"?

According Ron Liepert we are:

"Damn it all, I'm sick and tired of people whining about not enough health-care facilities in the city," he said.

Since it's been under a PC government that Calgary's health care facilities have gradually been closed and not replaced, one might think that Minister Liepert just might recall that since the late 1980s, we have lost not one, but three hospitals - The Holy Cross, The Calgary General and The Grace.

Two of those hospitals were closed under the watch of Ralph Klein, and one under his predecessor, Don Getty. But, apparently history is lost on Minister Liepert:

Calgary has received its fair share of health-care funding --with $1.5 billion for several projects --Health Minister Ron Liepert said Sunday, responding to criticisms over the expansion at the Peter Lougheed Centre.
Liepert noted the province has funded expansions at all three major hospitals, along with a long-term-care facility and the East Calgary Health Centre, among other projects.

Which might, just barely, get us back to where we were when the Tories started closing our hospitals and not replacing them. Mr. Liepert, it's under the Conservatives that the current deficit situation with respect to health care infrastructure in Calgary started. It's taken you idiots the better part of 15 years to start addressing it in any meaningful way. Meanwhile, Calgary has grown from a city of just over 500,000 to just over a million people. Figure it out.

Liepert said the province, which gave $222 million to fund the expansion in 2005, had never committed to complete all of the floors. That project, he said, would be considered along with all of the other unfunded requests across the province.

We have a term for this kind of evasiveness - "weasel words", Mr. Liepert. It's amazing how something has funding and concrete plans one day, and the next thing we know, the contractors are suddenly being ordered not to finish the job because it's "unfunded work".

Remember, Calgarians, you elected this bunch of morons by not actually voting.


Anonymous said...

hey- another unfunded LIE Ability_lol!!

Anonymous said...

People who complain about health care are whiners. It would be far better to have a system where you could pay. Hell we pay for everything else and the sun still rises and sets.

MgS said...

Thank you for demonstrating what kind "heart" modern day conservatives have.

I trust you travel to Montana every time you need to see a doctor - just so you can appreciate the full cost of US-style health care for an individual.

Oh yeah - I hope you don't qualify for insurance down there either - like over 40% of Americans.

Conservative has become a synonym for cold-hearted and short-sighted and self-serving.