Monday, February 16, 2009

So ... Where Are The Free Speech Advocates?

I'm finding it quite suspicious how silent the so-called advocates of 'Free Speech' are being over Ottawa Transit's decision not to allow Bus advertisements with atheist themes to be be run.

After the hue and cry over Campus Pro Life in Calgary, or perhaps Ezra LeRant's ongoing screeching, one might think that some of these people might speak out about this - which is really little different than what they've been complaining about in many respects.

Of course, if they were being honest with us, they'd admit that they really aren't about 'free speech' - they're about 'freedom of their speech', without regard to anybody else. This is the very crux of the matter that I have addressed in numerous articles on this blog - freedom of speech has limits and boundaries.

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Anonymous said...

There has always been a double standard regarding "free speech"!

When people like Keegstra teach hate such as Jews are conspiring to take over the world, he gets charged under the Criminal Code.(and rightfully so!)

Put a clerics collar on someone who teaches and publishes hateful propaganda like:
- "we must continue to fight the sodomite onslaught",
- "the homosexual community is waging an all-out war on society", and
- "Rejecting Christ, they (homosexuals) reject His brothers, their neighbours, and , sometimes deliberately infect them with the only life their lifestyle generates, the virus which causes AIDS";
and instead of getting a summons for a criminal charge, he gets hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars in subsidies and grants.

Don't believe me?? see:

But what would you expect when "focus on the family" is running the Prime Minister's Office?