Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear ACTRA: Bugger Off

With ACTRA demanding that we start paying taxes to ACTRA for Canadian Content on the Internet.

This is beyond offensive. Not only do these nitwits fail to understand something - there is a huge amount of Canadian Content on the Internet. This blog is CanCon. I'm a Canadian, I write this blog - do the math.

If ACTRA is going to be on the receiving end of levies (as they are for recordable media - even when it is used purely for data!), I'd like to know just how they plan on funneling some of that money to me? It won't, any more than the levy on recording media funnels down the thousands of independent artists that produce below the radar of big corporate interests.

Frankly, I find ACTRA's high-handed demands are unreasonable, and offensive. Whining because I might watch a YouTube video of a program that somebody posted up there is simply stupid. Demanding that Internet users pay some kind of arbitrary levy simply for using the Internet is wrong. Dead wrong.

ACTRA, along with the recording industry, needs to come up with a new business model - and that business model cannot include picking my pocket on the assumption of what I might or might not be doing.


Anonymous said...

My! My! Such language...

Harper's Taliban (RCMP) threatened me with criminal prosecution for using the ubiqitous "F" word, which just refers to good old fashioned intercourse.

Now, you've upped the ante to sodomy.... hope you don't get "buggered" by our Tazer Toting Taliban.

Anyway, what do you think makes a better bumper sticker:

"F@$# Harper" or
"Bugger Harper"

Hard to decide? Maybe one of each LOL

Anonymous said...


According to leading legal experts and Crown Prosecutors, both forms of anti-Harper bumper sticker ARE LEGAL.

The only thing illegal is the criminal offence of EXTORTION when the Taser-Taliban (RCMP) try to blackmail you to remove them under threat of prosecution.

However, they may claim to be justified zapping you with their Tasers just to get your attention.