Friday, November 14, 2008

Not News: Ezra's Unhinged

Over at Ezra Levant's blog, I see he's getting himself worked into quite a fine snit over the CHRC placing a wreath at the cenotaph in Ottawa. {I won't bother linking to Ezra's bile-laden site, google it if you must}

Okay, that's a pretty normal thing for Better-Than-Thou Ezra to get upset about. He's been utterly unhinged about Canada's human rights law ever since he decided to go playing journalist provocateur while he was running the Western Standard into the ground.

Apparently in Ezra's fantasy world, you don't pay attention to the various underground organizations that spew hatred - often in some pretty amazingly vile ways unless they bubble to the surface. In the festering heat of his delusion he seems to equate the concept of investigation as being equivalent to what the organizations are based on - using that logic, the parts of the police that investigate organized crime are themselves organized criminals.

As for his assessment of how the CHRC actually spends its budget, I suspect that's pure Ezra-style hyperbole - invented solely to fuel his self-righteous anger.

Yeah, he's pretty much unhinged all ways around. He'd probably benefit from talking to a therapist for a while - he's obviously completely lost any sense of perspective. Reality clearly doesn't matter to him so much.

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North of 49 said...

I've said elsewhere that Levant's thesis seems to be that Ms Lynch somehow did all this wreath-laying on her own hook, as if she'd made the decision herself and through sheer chutzpah (or Nazi-ness?) bullied her way into the ceremony.

Weird. Obviously her group was either invited to lay a wreath by the protocol people in charge of the ceremony, or she applied and was accepted. That's how these things are done -- really, you don't just show up with a wreath and get in line. There's procedure.

All the rest of his hyperbole aside, that particular misconception (or perhaps it's just his own fantasy) totally trashes any potentially valid criticism he might possibly have made.