Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hard Times? Attack The Vulnerable

Public policy is a difficult balance at the best of times, when things get bad, then the uglier side of people comes out.

Such is the case with Concered Christians Canada's latest lobbying effort.

Apparently, they don't like the idea that some of the funding for Calgary Sexual Health Center comes from the City of Calgary through the Family and Community Support Services programs.

Their complaint?

the CBCA a group promoting abortion and the homosexual lifestyle.

In essence, because they have programs intended to address homophobia in schools, and birth control, this is some kind of wicked organization out to undermine society. (Oh yes, and they have the nerve to mention the a-word when talking about pregnancy)

Anyone else notice who this really attacks? Women first off - and in particular women's health and sexual health; and sexual minorities. You'll notice that they aren't offering any constructive solutions, they merely want to remove options from people - making information harder to get.

But then again, coming from a group that published one of the most pathetic straw-man arguments about feminism that I've ever seen, I don't suppose I should be surprised. These people still live in a headspace where information about sexuality is a bad thing - instead of admitting that people make better decisions with full knowledge than when knowledge is denied.


Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the CCC's rhetoric.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission settlement agreement contains a "cease and desist" clause which orders CCC to stop exposing gays to hatred or contempt. That agreement has not expiry date, and it can be made an Order of the Federal Court for enforcement purposes.

Anonymous said...


I see that Harper has signed a free trade agreement with Colombia.

I guess his Reich-Wing government is so impressed with Colombia's human rights record that he wants free trade in Para-Military Units to promote funamentalist values.

Aren't we proud to have Canada's and Colombia's human rights records liked by formal agreements!!

R. in Edm

Anonymous said...

I see that Tristan Emanuel has resigned from the ECP center.

This type of resignation is usually precipitated by being caught with a prostitute, found in a bath house, playing footsie with an undercover policeman in a public washroom stall, or being committed to a psychiatiic ward.

The ECP's annoucement leaves the real reason for Tristan's resignation open to a lot of speculation.

MgS said...


Interesting. In counterpoint, sometimes a resignation is just a resignation.

(as fun as it is to speculate what reasons may lie behind it)

Anonymous said...

To find out about his resignation, you should ask his wife, or people at the church he attends. You will find that he is no longer with his wife, but with another woman.