Saturday, November 15, 2008

No...They're Still TheoCons

Lurking just under the veneer of business-like civility, we find the reality of the Conservative party today:

Consider the resolutions passed: as recorded by Dr. Dawg:

P-202. Support for Charter including notwithstanding clause (wink, wink). Passed.
P-203. Essentially get rid of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Unsurprisingly, passed overwhelmingly.
P-204. Transparency and accountability. Defeated.
P-207. The disguised fetal rights resolution. Passed.
P-208. Cutting back on student loans, but letting kids with rich parents have access to what remains. Passed.
P-210. SSM issue. Defeated on a close vote--because delegates are still hoping that Parliament will define marriage as between and man and a woman.
P-211. SSM again. Defeated, for the same reason.
P-213. Abolish notion of equal pay for work of equal value. Passed.
P-214. Homelessness. Defeated.
P-215. Urban issues. Defeated.
P-216. Mass-marketing fraud. Defeated.
P-217. Wireless telephone industry. Defeated.
P-218. Finger-wagging on "Canadian values." Passed.

(Dr. Dawg has a link to the document with the raw resolutions included, for those sufficiently interested)

The upshot of all of this is that the HarperCon$ are still fundamentally the the worst of what passes for conservatism these days. Not only is it 'everybody for themselves' (so much for any concept of a just society), where they can't get what they want by dismantling government, they'd love to legislate their morality.

They aren't about conserving anything, in fact they are about dismantling things.

The only bright spot (?) is that the current economic maelstrom will no doubt keep the government well occupied with little time to enact some of the nastier bits of their policy platform. (As an aside, is anyone else a little perturbed at the fact that the HarperCon$ are having their policy convention just after an election, instead of before it? (especially when Harper himself triggered the election???)


Anonymous said...

On top of that Harper was heard saying, just before the policy convention got underway, "we have been given a mandate on the platform that we campaigned with"........ er ....... what platform?? The HarperA$$'s did'nt so much as campaign on a 'what are we going to do' rather they campaigned on a 'don't vote for the other parties, or else....'


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with saying "Con$servative" like this blog does? Harper is making the country a lot of money and I see this moniker as a positive thing.

North of 49 said...

MgS, I think you're right about the economic situation being a plus by forcing the government to deal with reality and not its supporters fantasies. I think it will force the Cons to be more cooperative with the Opposition in Parliament, too; if they're seen playing pissy politics when there's a REAL crisis going on, even the National Post might take a whack at them. Good times.

Hadn't thought about the policy convention being after the election, but now that you've pointed it out...yeah. What's up with that? (And why didn't anyone in our media -- that I've noticed, anyway -- ask exactly that question?)

MgS said...


Harper is not making a plug nickel for Canadians - he's costing us money.

If you haven't figured out that I use 'Con$' to denote the current lot wearing the moniker conservative, well, let's just say your sense of irony is impaired.