Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harper's Hand - Firmly on the Trigger

Harper has his people talking about 'staying the course' and a 'firm hand on the tiller'. Even though the Con$ have blinked in their most recent game of political chicken, Canadians should be wary.

Harper has shown us that he is much more intent on playing for partisan advantage than he is in governing Canada for the benefit of Canadians. The fact that he slipped in several ideological turds into Flaherty's "Fiscal Update"(most ironically, a term that abbreviates to 'F.U.'...) last week tells us that he simply doesn't get it. If he wants to play the 'steady hand on the tiller' card, the first thing he needs to do is start governing rather than acting as though it was all a game of "scoring political points'.

Today, based on what I have seen, Harper's hand is not on the tiller, but on the trigger - and it is aimed at Canada and Canadian democracy. Make no mistake, Harper is an autocrat in the extreme. His fiscal policy is not fiscally responsible, it ideological. He seeks to impose a style of government that is extreme indeed - hard-fisted towards all who dare transgress or defy his ideology.


VĂ©ronique said...

I don't know what's going to happen next week, but I hope the Lib/NDP coalition comes about. I don't know if it's a great idea either politically or for governance, but I am so sick of Harper that I would love to see him hoist on his own petard. My hope is that such humiliation might make the Cons thinks it's time for a new leader. They'll never choose a Joe Clark again, but maybe they can find someone who is not so divisive.

MgS said...

They'll never choose a Joe Clark again, but maybe they can find someone who is not so divisive.

Until the TheoCon elements of that party are moderated by more reasoning voices, I expect the Con$ will remain divisive and destructive for most Canadians.

North of 49 said...

Hand on the trigger, aimed at Canada and Canadian democracy.

Great image, MgS. I've long felt that Harper -- for whatever unfathomable reasons -- hated this country and despised Canadians. I think that somehow we repel him, because of... well, I don't know. Our basic decency? Our more or less workable multiculturalism? Our general progressiveness? All of them, maybe.

Anyway, yeah, his hand on the trigger of a weapon pointed right at everything we are and hold to be most... Canadian. He hates us, he does.