Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stephen "Senate Refooooorm" Harper - Reprise

I'm a few days behind on articles, but when I looked this article on Harper's plans to resurrect his "senate elections" legislation, it was clear that the author has thought about things in considerable depth.

He concludes with the following statement:

There are many arguments in favour of this change, and it might actually make Canadian democracy - and the Prime Minister and his government - more accountable and representative. But again, such a change is too important to be undertaken without a great deal of public discussion.

The IRPP has published a much more detailed analysis - it's worth the time to read it - before Harper starts attempting to dictate a lame-brained "reform" policy without discussing it with the rest of Canada.


Anonymous said...

The article linked to is excellent. There are some very well written explanations about various forms of proportional representation systems as well as a detailed examination of the Harper initiated bills for senate reform. Highly recommended reading.

Thanks Grog


VĂ©ronique said...

An unequal distribution of Senate seats is entrenched in the Constitution and cannot be changed without an amendment that would never pass. Elections will only further entrench the inequality of distribution.

Senate reform by stealth is just the wrong way to go.