Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well, Since The HarperCon$ Are Slashing At Culture...

Before we go taking Michael Coren's latest rant too seriously, we need to chat a little about Stephen Harper's war on culture that he has been quietly waging by slashing government programs.

Of course, this makes the religious right wing pleased as punch - after all, they'd like to think that they are the only arbiters of 'correct culture' that should have a voice.

But, then one has to start thinking about the Churches they hold so dear. They have a unique status in Canada that is at least as costly to taxpayers as the various culture programs the government has had in the past - they are tax-exempt.

If Mr. Harper is so interested in 'culture by economic success', then perhaps he'd like to treat the other cultural industry in Canada by the same rules? (Of course, I know this is never going to happen on PMSH's watch - that would require actual principles, integrity and logical consistency - something he keeps demonstrating significant deficits in)

H/T: The Galloping Beaver, Canadian Cynic.


Anonymous said...

Well, equally important is Harper's war on civil rights.

His hand picked "Harper Rights Commissioners" now reject any complaint about hatred communicated against homosexuals.

This new "Reigh's" commission has determined that a political party is not a group of persons acting in concert, and therefore, are exempt from the hate messages section of the Canadian Human Rights Act. OH PLEASE DO REMIND ME, WHAT WAS THAT GROUP OF PERSONS ACTING IN CONCERT CALLED THAT WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST??

And Harper's Information Commissioner is very comfortable sitting on his fat ass delaying any investigation into the HarperCorp's illegal delay in releasing government records under the Access to Information Act. It takes the Information Commissioner four months to even acknowlege a letter of complaint.

This new OPEN AND TRANSPARENT government must have gotten its inspiration from that other "group of persons acting in concert" who came to save the German nation in the 30's.


And, of course, HarperCorp continues to fund homophobic hate propaganda published by Catholic cuts there

Get out your yellow stars and pick triangles... we may need them sooner than you think..

Anonymous said...

This blog often uses the "$" symbol when referring to anything conservative, large or small "c". What's wrong with this? We're all better off financially since Stephen Harper becaome our prime minister. More money in the pockets of everyone - where it should be.

MgS said...

If you can't figure out that I consider the current incarnation of the CPC as a bunch of dishonest shysters, then you clearly haven't been paying attention.

As for Harper's wonderful financial acumen, besides spending like a drunken sailor, it's not like his GST cut, pseudo beneficial income tax cut and utterly brain damaged child care taxable benefit have actually benefited anyone I know.

On top of that, the HarperCon$ approach to making major purchases with taxpayer dollars is unaccountable, with many major purchases for the military not even going to tender; but additionally the government is now perilously close to running a fiscal deficit.

Now, what was that about these clowns being good fiscal stewards?

Anonymous said...

And HarperCorp makes me so damn proud to be Canadian. - I get two cents less GST when I buy my small cup of coffee. WHOOOPIE SHIT!

But then I have to run the gauntlet through a score of homeless people pan handling for their next bite to eat, and I'm afraid to go out at night because that two cents off my coffee GST has resulted in less support for the mentally ill who are given a pill and thrown back out on the street with no proper medical care or ongoing support..

I see far more homeless people on the streets of Edmonton than I ever saw in Mexico.


But you can rest assured that HarperCorp will keep subsidizing Catholic Insight and Macleans...