Monday, August 18, 2008

Like I Would Trust McVety To Sit On The Bench...

Apparently, McVety is out for blood:

A move by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to stifle a controversy about her role in the awarding of the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler has done nothing to clear her of misconduct allegations, one of her chief critics said yesterday.

"If Canadians cannot count on non-political, non-ideological justice from the Supreme Court of Canada, it compromises the whole justice system," Charles McVety, president of the Canadian Family Action Coalition and president of the Canada Christian College in Toronto, said in an interview yesterday.

Coming from a man who is busy astroturfing his supposed support in his crusade against "evil feminist judges", it's hardly a particularly well founded complaint. First of all, McLachlin was not acting in her capacity as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. McVety's just trying to propagate an old meme of the religious reich wing in this country - only this time he's accusing someone directly.

If I were McLachlin, I'd be busy recording every asinine word that McVety spews on the subject - There's enough fodder there for quite a libel suit.

But second and more importantly, McVety is making an accusation against Justice McLachlin that doesn't bear up under scrutiny. Essentially, he is claiming that because of her role in the OC nominations process, that her judgment in her professional role is impaired and unreasonably biased.

Coming from McVety, it's not a surprising allegation, although I think he would be hard pressed to identify any rulings that are not well grounded in law itself and existing case law that McLachlin has had a direct involvement in writing. You don't get to her position with a spotty record as a justice.


Anonymous said...

Watch how HarperCorp has been stacking all the federal positions of authority with his brown shirted buddies.

The New HarperReichs Commission refuses to protect the human rights of gays and lesbians.

Harper's Mis-information Commissioner refuses to act on clear violations of the Access to Information Act and sits on his fat ass for over four months before he will even acknowledge a complaint about the Harperites covering up government documents. Guess he intends to back off on any investigation of the government's illegal activities until after the next election.

Now, McVety is leading a brownshirt assault on the Supreme Court. Wouldn't HarperCorp love to run off all the existing judges and replace them with Reigh thinking ConServatives!

Maybe that "thoughful social critic" got it right in 2004. see:

Anonymous said...

should have been:

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Dear Anonymous:

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It's not the first time commenters here have had trouble with it, and I wrote a brief how-to for embedding hyperlinks in comments a while ago.

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