Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire Tony Clement - and Harper Can Go With Him

I'll give Mr. Clement one thing - he's nothing if not consistent. However, his words at the party the Canadian government put on at the DNC Convention are beyond the pale.

The Canadian government sponsored a swish lunch reception at its consul-general's Denver residence.

The food included bite-sized bits of beef, shrimp, tortellini and potatoes gratin. Health Minister Tony Clement, whose absence from Canada during the tainted meat crisis has not gone unnoticed, was there and introduced himself:

"I'm Health Minister Tony Clement, and I have to say I approved this food."

Fire the heartless SOB. NOW. 15 DEAD CANADIANS IS NOT A JOKING MATTER - under any circumstances.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the real source of listeriosis is from the HarperCon$.

After all, the Reform Party, the Alliance Party and now the Con$ervative party have been spewing their reigh wing diarrhea for years now.

Stevie Harper, Stocky Day, Larry Spencer, Randy White, Myron Thompson,and now Tony Clement-Cement-head, enough of your shit already!