Thursday, August 21, 2008

Like That's A Surprise

No Kidding

Of course Harper wants to go to the polls before the ethics committee hearings on his party's campaign financing scam wrap up this fall.

First of all, the scam itself demonstrates the utter disrespect that Harper and his merry band of thieves have for Canadians and the electoral process in the first place. The longer the hearings are in the public eye, the more damage they do to Harper's credibility.

The fact that the Con$ are outright not participating is further evidence of not only a fundamental dishonesty in the party's dealings with Canadians, but also of how much they must feel they have to hide.

While this writer has some idea of the significance of declaring someone 'in contempt', I don't think that the majority of Canadians really do. Symbolically, it's a way to shame the person, but in terms of the electoral process I think such declarations would be seen as little more than an attempt to score political points and would not be persuasive to voters.

The opposition needs to be careful about how long they let things draw out here. There is a fine line between how much damage the story itself can do to the Conservative's electoral prospects and achieving utter boredom among the voters.

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