Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The First Clue Was ...

In 2006, when the newly elected HarperCon$ were running around announcing military purchases every couple days, that was our first clue that the HarperCon$ had no idea what they were talking about.

Army equipment is often highly specialized to begin with, and you don't just "order it" and receive delivery some weeks later as you might with a car purchase. (even one that requires a 'factory order')

Sure enough, the Harper 'fast and furious' approach to military spending is running into exactly the kind of problems you would expect from a poorly planned, rush job.

In addition, documents from National Defence show the government will either have to pay an extra $300-million in "overrun cost" to purchase a fleet of 16 Chinook helicopters, or settle for less equipment.

I wonder what "less equipment" means - removing one of the engines from the Chinooks?

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I didn't think HarperCorp had one!