Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Price "Christianity" Exacts From People

The outright abusiveness of some who profess that their actions are done in the name of "all that is holy" annoys me to no end some days.

We often hear of the horrors of so-called "reparative therapy". It's awful enough what they will attempt to tell someone who is gay or lesbian to do to themselves.

Then there is what they will do to their families. Read that link - it is heartbreaking how the writer's relatives pressured the father in all sorts of ways, ultimately separating father from his offspring - solely because of their moral objections to his partner.

I admire the writer's clarity and strength of character at such a young age, and I am appalled by the behaviour of her aunt and uncle in particular. If those are "family values", then it's time to hold these brutes up to account for what they are doing to individuals and families.

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