Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Harper: Do Nothing Environmental Policy Part 2008

What is it with Harper and 2050?

Every time that man opens his mouth on the topic of environmental policy, what plops out but goals that are so far in the future that not only will his mendacious government will be a footnote in Canada's history, most of the politicians currently sitting in Ottawa will have died of old age!

Newsflash for Mr. Harper - long range goals are all fine and dandy - when they are backed up with more immediate objectives that are meaningful. Things that are 42 years in the future are completely unrealistic and meaningless - a bit of political theatrics so that you can make a blithe claim about your "concern" over the environment - while you continue to follow the idiot military spending model of your political soulmate currently residing in Washington.

Canadians cannot afford you, Mr. Harper; and the world cannot afford your environmentally blind economics.

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