Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. Worthington: He's A CANADIAN Dammit!

Apparently, Mr. Worthington who writes for the Sun newspapers thinks that citizenship is conditional, especially if you are Omar Khadr.

I have news for Mr. Worthington: It's NOT. Khadr is a Canadian citizen, born in Canada - no less a citizen than you or I.

Of course his parents are to blame for what he became. Of course he had little choice. But he is what he is, and after six years in Gitmo, subjected to whatever indoctrination his fellow detainees have imposed, he may well be beyond redemption.

Khadr hasn't even been tried in a legitimate court of law, for goodness' sake! Do you really believe that anybody except him knows who or what his goals are?

It's hard to see where Omar Khadr has done anything criminal or illegal, despite being charged with murder by the Americans.

In 2002 he was the only survivor in an American attack, in which a grenade killed a sergeant and wounded a medic who then saved Khadr's life. Omar had been shot three times.

Since when is fighting and killing invaders a crime? Khadr doesn't deserve to be put on trial. He should simply remain in custody like a prisoner of war until the war is over, and then freed.

Canada's only concern should be that he is treated decently, which he is.

That said, the pendulum has swung and pressure will increase until the PM will find an excuse to change his mind and request Khadr be sent to Canada.

Well, Mr. Worthington, since you all but admit that Khadr can't justifiably be held, charged or tried by US authorities, why shouldn't he be brought back to Canada? Or do you merely choose to convict him based on his dark skin, and the unsavory acts of his parents? The long and short of it is that Khadr is a Canadian citizen, held by a foreign power, and subjected to a "legal process" that is not legal under US law.

Canadians should be appalled that in order for their government to intervene on behalf of its citizens, the public has to express absolute outrage at the government's lack of action. This is far from the first time that the HarperCon$ have dropped the ball and allowed Canadians to languish in foreign prisons, under questionable circumstances.

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