Thursday, November 24, 2005

Update - David Crutcher, Alberta Alliance Leadership

It's been irritating me all week that I haven't been able to pin down where I recognize David Crutcher's name from.

A little bit of digging (Google is a truly amazing tool, some days), and I turn up the following:

Ran for Alberta Alliance in Calgary Egmont
PGIB's National Fundraising Chair

Well - that explains a few things.

Oh yes - if you dig around (and I did), you find that Craig Chandler hangs out on the Project Alberta message boards. His written style is as obnoxious as his personal presence...(go looking for some of the commentary about the Alberta Alliance campaign...

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Anonymous said...

What the HECK is it with Chandler and Egmont? First McIver. Then McIver (round two). Crutcher. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if he was in bed with Jason Kenney too. Er, uh, yeah... whatever. PUH-LEEZE get out of Egmont CCC!