Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dear God! - Ralph Said Something I Agree With?

Well ... one sentence at least...

Sez Ralph: "Klein said while he views Harper as a "bright, articulate individual, perhaps he's seen as too much on the right.""

Everything else he said was the usual backpedalling tripe.

In some respects, it's not just Harper that is "too much on the right" that bothers me - it's the ties that too many senior CPC MPs have to the Religious Right and other hard-line right-wing groups (such as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the The Fraser Institute and other groups that appear to idolize our neighbor to the south.

I've said it before, and I'll say it now - until the CPC loses its ties to what many Canadians see as right-wing hardliners they have little real credibility as a governing party.

That means that some tangible changes need to happen. Lose MPs like Kenney, Anders, Hanger, Merrifield and others. Visibly distance yourself from outfits like the "Fraser Institute" (which seems to have become a retirement home for former Reform/Alliance leadership of late).

Then show voters something that resembles real vision for Canada.

Meanwhile, voters should sit back and watch the show in Ottawa today. If nothing else, it should be humorous.

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