Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Next Lie!

If the war in Iraq didn't disgust me enough, the lies that have surrounded it, and seemingly every major action the US has taken with respect to Iraq certainly do.

Today, we are treated to the spectacle of the US Army ADMITTING that it has used White Phosphorus as a weapon in the seige of Fallujah. In the past, they had denied this, claiming that they were using it "only for illumination at night". Bullfeathers - starburst shells use Magnesium Oxide, not White Phosphorus.

At this rate, we should have the truth about the invasion of Iraq around about the time that Patrick Fitzgerald finishes writing his indictments up for the lies that various members of Bush's cabinet and senior advisors have told around the Valerie Plame affair.

The question in my mind is this - how long is it going to take for the hermetically sealed minds of the Republicans to wake enough to come out in open revolt against the lying bunch of scumbags that are currently running the country? Every time someone denies something, it turns out that there's more truth to the allegation than in the denial. (Lessee - WMDs, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Fallujah, Valerie Plame - what's next?)

Note for Stephen Harper: Do you really want to align yourself with this kind of crap? Really? Do you think Canadians are _that_ stupid?

[Update: 18:15 16/11/05]:

As I drove home, listening to the news, it struck me the duplicity of invading a nation allegedly because it had "WMDs", and then using that very class of weapons against that nation. Yes, I know that the US is not signatory to any convention that calls White Phosphorous a "Chemical Weapon", but given the type of injuries and death it can inflict, it's pretty hard to argue that it's anything other than a WMD. The moral double standard is disgusting.

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