Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Conservatives: self.shoot(foot)

It took less than 24 hours for Stephen Harper's colours to show:

Harper vows free vote on gay marriage, would respect knots already tied

In the department of "we've already been through this", do you really want to reopen that discussion again?

Second, have you ever heard of "move on - there's nothing here to see"?

However, Harper doesn't appear to get it, does he? Instead, he opens his trap, and promptly demonstrates to the populus that he's quite nicely tied up with the social conservatives. How well do you think _that's_ going to play outside of Alberta?

At this rate, the conservatives will pass through the election day on the bloodied stumps of what used to be their legs - having shot more and more pieces off as time goes by.

[Update 18:43]:

In making this "free vote" comment, Harper has signalled something very important - if you can be marginalized, you will be. If you don't fit into the straightjacket mold of behaviour that social conservatives believe in, don't expect your rights to be upheld and backed by the government. If the "majority" think differently, the notwithstanding clause will be used to back that "majority" view.

So - if you find yourself sick, and the "majority" don't think that your illness is real, do you get treatment - or will it have to be a charter challenge in the courts?

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused, was there some danger that Alberta wasn't going to vote Conservative? Did they really need to shore up the vanishing redneck vote that badly?