Friday, November 11, 2005

How Much of an Idiot is Bush?

Apparenty in today's Veteran's Day speech, George W. Bush took the opportunity to accuse his critics of rewriting history.

Of course, it's the usual about how criticizing the justification given for invading Iraq is somehow "failing to support the troops" and sending "the wrong message" to them. Once again, Bush tied 9/11 to Iraq in his speech, meanwhile it's been painfully obvious for ages that there was exactly no relation between 9/11 and Iraq. If any country had a direct tie to 9/11 outside of Afghanistan it was Saudi Arabia - y'know - the country that bin Laden is from.

Hello? Is anybody home in the White House these days? Do you really think that your critics give a damn about whether or not the WMD intelligence was good, bad, distorted or indifferent? Frankly, the WMD intelligence had nothing to do with invading Iraq - the shifting sands of your story made that painfully clear. WMD's were just a convenient excuse for you to send your tanks in. When we went from a bad correlation between Hussein and 9/11, to doomsday scenarios involving WMDs; accusations that Hussein was "sponsoring terrorism" (whatever that means) and a plethora of other accusations.

Nobody cares whether your abuse of the intelligence indicating WMDs in Iraq was intentional, or merely a cynical abuse of your time. I can only guess at your intentions in launching an invasion of Iraq - but I suspect it has a lot more to do with control over some natural resources, and taking steps to make your older nemesis, Iran, more uncomfortable.

I support the troops - they are doing a job I wouldn't want to do even in the most valid of wars. The war itself - now that I feel quite free to condemn, along with the political masters of the army that saw fit to start it. Iraq has as much to do with 9/11 as the mess in my house has to do with the price of groceries in the store.

I cannot believe that while Bush's own pugilistic stupidity continues to create more dead bodies and permanently wounded veterans in Iraq, he turns around and uses a day intended to honor the troops to play out his own cheap political games.

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Anonymous said...

You state that "Iraq has as much to do with 9/11 as the mess in my house has to do with the price of groceries in the store."

Let's see... if groceries were cheaper you would either a) be able to afford a maid service or b) be able to work fewer hours, take home less of an income and thus have more time to clean...

Ok, let's tie in 9/11 with Iraq. For Bush, war is war (Wahr iz wahr!), and no matter who is fighting - and who is dying - he sits on the throne and plays chess with american citizens acting the part of his pawns... Unfortunately, he is learning the game as he plays, and much like the spoiled child who wanted a war just like his daddy, he's not going to be happy until he is crowned emperor "Napolean" and has pushed his own morality and religion on the populace through backhanded legislation and riders that have absolutely nothing to do with the price of tea in china, rising costs in the grocery store, or the bill that they are attached to.

Heil Emperor Dubya!