Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Post Gomery Report - Day 0

Volume 1 of the Gomery Report landed in the House of Commons today.

As much as the Gomery report is a damning condemnation of the Liberal Party of Canada (in Quebec at least), I don't think it will fatally injure the Liberals. More damaging is the renewed fighting between the Chretien and Martin factions of the party. This is probably far more damaging to the Liberals than any allegations of corruption.

If allegations of corruption were such a big deal, the Conservatives should have rocketed to an easy victory last election. That didn't happen, and the Conservatives have lurked in the basement of the polls in recent months.
Realistically, I don't think the Gomery Report really means all that much by itself. At this point, most voters are sick of hearing about it. Any damage that was going to be done has already been done. The parties are once again competing for access to the "undecided" vote.

In the department of "not getting the concept", both Harper and Duceppe are demanding an immediate election. NDP Leader Jack Layton continues to be the leading politician of the current parliament, craftily sidestepping the obvious calls for Martin to resign, and instead weighing what he can do to further his agenda.

Regardless of whether you agree with Layton's policies, you have to admire how effectively he has leveraged an underdog position in the house to make significant gains. (Much to the howls of indignation from the Conservative benches)

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