Monday, March 21, 2011

There's Only One Kind Of Leader

... who will argue that events in another country should suspend democracy here. Usually we call them despots.

Harper's logic on this is spurious and insulting to Canadians. During two World Wars last century, Canadians went to the polls, under conditions far more uncertain than those we face today.

We can't deal with uncertainty? The economy won't survive a government transition? Nonsense.

Given that this government has been contemptuous of parliament (over, and over), breaks their own lobbying rules, and is generally busy lying to Canadians on anything and everything, it would not be unreasonable to turf this government out on its ear - the sooner the better.


Alison said...

An ad showing the gallery of portraits of former Prime Ministers then and now, showing only pictures of Harpie might just jolt the Canadian public into an awareness of the kind of dear leader we have. I should think that many immigrants from dictatorships might find this very disturbing and make them rethink any support for the Cons. This could be particularly helpful in the 905 region around Toronto.

MgS said...

How positively chilling ... and apropos, Alison!