Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dear Leader ...

As if I should be overly surprised, but the overweaning ego of Stephen Harper has come to the forefront with Harper rebranding The Government of Canada as The Harper Government.

What an egotistical ass. Mr. Harper isn't exactly someone to create a cult of personality around - for the most part you'd have to scrape pretty hard to find something likeable enough to build a cult around ... and it would be pretty tiny.

Even as our Prime Minister, it is NOT his government - it is OUR government, and it is time for Canadians to take it back.

Even worse, we should be deeply concerned about the fact that they don't seem to understand that money laundering is something criminals engage in, that lying to Canadians is wrong or that Parliamentary resources aren't for political fundraising.

... all this from a party that promised us "greater transparency and accountability"???

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Anonymous said...

What is even more disgusting is that the worse they act, and the more that their fraudulent activities are exposed, the higher they climb in the polls....... I don't get it..... how f'n stoopid are Canadians anyhow??

We have a Prime Minister who has slagged Canada's name internationally, has openly stated that we wouldn't recognize Canada when he was finished with it, has been openly critical of our social system, has cozied up to the Americans, has sold our sovereignty to the Americans, has committed, or authorized, the use of fraudulent campaign funding, has changed the name of the government to the Harper Government, has created the most secretive, non-trasparent government in our history, has lied repeatedly to Canadians, has used parliamentary funding and infrastructure for purely partisan purposes, has stated that Canadians are not intelligent enough to understand complex issues - like health care, has abandoned non-white Canadians outside of Canada who have run into trouble with other countries, has decimated government revenues by giving big business tax breaks - and then foisting the resulting deficit off on Canadians by removing or reducing transfer payments, has instituted user fees, has cut programs, has given a multibillion dollar jet contract deal without any bidding process, has completely sabotaged the committee system with a 'rules' book on how to disrupt committee work, has twice prorogued parliament which has subverted how our democratic system functions by allowing him to avoid a confidence vote, has fired or caused the removal of anyone who dares to challenge or question anything.

Wake up Canada......we are seeing the rise of our very own Harper Dictator