Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Ms. Wente ... There's More To It Than That

Apparently Margaret Wente thinks that we don't need an election.

As for scandal-mongering, Mr. Ignatieff will have to come up with something better than what he has. What he has is a bit of procedural abuse, one dopey minister and an old fool who got mixed up with a 22-year-old former escort. What he doesn’t have is a widespread pattern of abuse of power. His outrage sounds a little overdone – especially against the backdrop of current world events. Shouldn’t we be debating, say, the future of nuclear power in Canada, or the wisdom of getting entangled in a distant military action whose command structure and objectives are entirely unclear?

Nice try at deflection, Ms. Wente? Did you get that from the PMO? ... or did you forget that Harper is the man who pushed the button on Canada's participation in Libya?

As for Mr. Harper's contempt for parliament, that's been clear from the get-go. Let's not forget that it was Mr. Harper's party who produced a 200-page manual on how to disrupt committee business; it was Mr. Harper who prorogued parliament to save his political hide not once, but twice since being elected in 2006; Conservatives have been caught out lying to Canada's public some many times I've lost count; Harper's henchmen have violated the lobbying rules time and again, and the man who ran on a platform of greater accountability has done NOTHING to change the situation.

Bev Oda was the clumsy one who got caught - where there's smoke, there's fire. There's something very smelly about a government that insists on sole-sourcing a major purchase like fighter jets - who is getting bought off with what? What else has dear leader decided to bury under the covers on the basis that "Canadians don't need to know that"? ... and lastly, let's not forget the thinly disguised money laundering scheme the HarperCon$ came up with in 2006 - only criminals engage in money laundering.

... and Ms. Wente wonders why Harper's government is likely to fall tomorrow?


Alison said...

Not only has Harpie completely subverted our parliamentary democracy, but he lest Ms. Wente forget, it was Harpie who started all the pre-writ electioneering ads, many on the taxpayers dime. We now have the spectacle of the Cons trying to lay the blame for an election on the opposition.

They remind me of my little sister when we were children. She would do something naughty and when found out would start sobbing it wasn't me, Alison did it! Usually our mother was smarter than the Canadian media and didn't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping the federal government looks at a national version of Bill 44 so that all of us can be free.

MgS said...


You obviously haven't read Bill 44 in any detail.

There are serious problems with that legislation - from start to finish.

VĂ©ronique said...

"What he doesn’t have is a widespread pattern of abuse of power."

Well, yes, he does. And I hope the opposition parties keep that front and centre for the entire election. Add up everything the Cons have done and display it all to the voters.

Anonymous said...

Bill 44 is necessary to raise our children in this day and age. I can't imagine a society without it.

I've given money to Rob Anderson's campaign because he supported it.

MgS said...


Where you donate money is your business; I fail to see how Bill 44 is necessary for raising children ... but then again, you haven't exactly addressed any of the problems in Bill 44 that I raised previously.