Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stephen Harper On Coalitions

So, Harper's running about the country blathering on about a "coalition" that would be so very awful for Canada if the electorate doesn't grant him his majority.

How awful would a coalition government be? Well, awful enough that in 2004 he signed a letter that implicitly is asking the Governor General to allow him to set up a coalition government should the then Liberal minority government collapse.

In a minority Parliament, it is in fact the opposition parties that have the greatest number of seats, and therefore reflect the will of the greater part of the voters. His current meme about "only the party with the most seats" should get to form the government conveniently ignores the reality that the majority of seats didn't go to his party last election.

The man is a hypocrite and a liar on this matter.


evilscientist said...

Stephen Harper is a hypocrite and a liar on most matters..

Halle said...

No amount of truth about parliamentary democracy and tradition will help. We live in a country ignorant of its system of government. Even the news media seem to lack the will to educate. Minority coalitions are part of that system. Always have been. The only dishonesty going around are the slander campaigns that sadly seem likely to be moving us toward a majority Conservative government.

Stephen Harper, such an intelligent man, playing upon the ignorance and gullibility of so many.

What else can you call him but hypocrite.

MgS said...

I'm going to partially disagree with you, Halle. While I agree that there is a distressing level of civic illiteracy, it can be overcome. If the media isn't willing to undertake this process, then it falls to media such as this blogger to do our part.