Friday, March 25, 2011

Harper Makes History

... by becoming the first Prime Minister in Commonwealth History to be found In Contempt of Parliament. (and the Sun has a surprisingly insightful piece on the subject for a change)

Make no mistake about it - this is no trifling "procedural matter". Parliament is the highest power in this country. The courts are parallel, but bound to interpret the laws that Parliament writes. To be found "In Contempt of Parliament" is arguably more serious than being "in contempt of court".

For a governing party to be found "In Contempt Of Parliament" is profoundly disturbing, as it underscores a governing party which is bent not just on subverting our democracy, but is clearly bent on power for its own sake.


evilscientist said...

We can only hope that central and eastern Canada as well as the lower mainland of BC have come to their senses and vote ABC....

Halle said...

An abuse that has resulted in what.... Harper is heading into an election way ahead in the polls.

Time will tell if the electorate understands or cares about abuses of Parliamentary traditions, or democracy.

MgS said...

@Halle: Yes, they have a lead in the polls.

It's up to all who are on the receiving end of Conservative mendacity (and every trans person in Canada certainly is) to stand up and be counted ... and to do our level best to educate our fellow citizens on why contempt of parliament is important, and why it's bad for Canada and Canadians.