Monday, February 01, 2010

Putting Together The Pieces

I've said for a long time that Stephen Harper is one of the most malign Prime Ministers we have ever seen in Canada. It isn't just that I disagree with his politics, but it comes out in how he goes about conducting his governance. He doesn't believe in doing anything above board, and in recent weeks some more of his malfeasance has come to light.

First up, over at Darryl Raymaker's blog, we have an interesting bit of insight into how Harper is trying to undermine public oversight of the RCMP. (Which, given the RCMP's track record recently, this is a very worrisome thing indeed)

Then, over at Big City Lib, we have news about the noxious muzzle that has been slapped on using content from CBC's news website. It's no secret that Harper dislikes two things intensely - the CBC and criticism. So, what he has tried to do is make one of Canada's public assets meaningless in the discourse over our politics.

This all comes to public attention when? While Harper has Canada's parliament prorogued. Think about this - prorogation itself is another tool that he has used to squelch discourse.

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