Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Canada's Women...

Consider carefully when Harper won't include a full range of women's health options on the world stage ... apparently at the urging of Canada's religious right wing.

Remember that this is the same man under whose governance cutbacks have disproportionately affected women - both socially and economically.

Harper, and the extremists in the ReformaTory base, would happily dial Canada's society back to pre-WW II era social structures - where women were treated essentially as doormats.

The "anti-abortion" movement is is more about regulating women's sexuality than it is anything else. These same people are also actively opposing contraceptives and comprehensive sex education. All of which are part of ensuring that a woman is able to control her fertility.

If Harper is unwilling to present a comprehensive platform on the world stage, can you imagine what he'd do in Canada if he wasn't constrained by the limitations of a minority parliament?

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