Saturday, February 06, 2010

If You Ever Thought The CPoC Was Democratic

... you might want to rethink that a bit.

Every time someone has put forth a credible challenge to Rob Anders, the party headquarters has changed the rules quite specifically to protect him.

Now, the party brass has moved in and punted the riding's board:

In a letter to the Calgary West riding association on Thursday, the national council said it would take control of this year's annual general meeting and will have the final word on any riding association spending.

Uh huh. There hasn't been a nomination contest in that riding since 2004, and Anders is notorious as one of the worst MPs ever to hold a seat in Ottawa. (Why Calgary West voters keep electing a nitwit like Anders is beyond me - it's either stupidity, apathy or both allowing him to win)

However, square the actions of CPoC's actions this week with Harper's approach to Parliament in recent weeks. When the outcome Harper wants isn't assured, he tries to change the rules to ensure that it is.

How delightfully democratic.

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