Monday, February 22, 2010

The Fruits of Harper's SoCon Agenda

We could have written this report back in 2006 when the HarperCon$ went after cutting programs that benefit women and minorities.

Make no mistake about it - Harper will continue to dismantle everything that makes Canada a better place to live if he's given the opportunity. His government doesn't just misunderstand what equality and rights are about - they are blatantly hostile to the very notion.

Whether it is the blatant attacks on equality that his government has made, or the bungling of the cases of Canadians who find themselves mired in a foreign country's legal system - often until public outrage forces the government to take corrective steps, this is a government which ignores, and supresses facts which contradict its ideologically driven agenda. (and, as with other things, women are more often victims of domestic gun violence ... which was precisely why the gun registry was put in place originally)

H/T: Luna @ Feminist Christian Socialist

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