Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's One Book Off The List

I won't claim I'm a big fan of author Dan Brown to begin with - The DaVinci Code was overrated as a novel - there are far better novels out there that do a much better job of playing around with Christian mysticism and dark conspiracies. His writing strikes me as a cross between Robert Ludlum and Umberto Eco - with none of the strengths of either.

However, after reading this, I don't think I'll be bothering at all with his latest offering. (Here's the full review On CBC ... the rest of it doesn't seem to be much better)

11:45 a.m.

Ugh. “The act of tattooing one’s skin was a transformative declaration of power, an announcement to the world: I am in control of my own flesh. The intoxicating feeling of control derived from physical transformation had addicted millions to flesh-altering practices … cosmetic surgery, body piercing, bodybuilding, and steroids … even bulimia and transgendering.”

Sometimes, Dan Brown, loosely adapting Anthropology 101 texts for fiction just doesn’t work. Also, why do I get the sense you’ve never been tattooed – or met a gender-variant person? Also: “transgendering” is not a verb.

Great ... another idiot author who stereotypes people out of ignorance. Dan Brown, welcome to the same bookshelf I put Orson Scott Card's work on - most of us call it the trash.

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