Sunday, September 06, 2009

Harper Peeing All Over Ontario, Quebec ... etc

Remember the GST? It was brought in by the last Conservative PM we had - near the end of Brian Mulroney's tenure.

At the time, it was often referred to as the "Go Shoot a Tory" tax. Well, outside of Alberta (where political mythology has kept any form of sales tax out of our provinicial taxation regime), Harper is trying to impose a "harmonized sales tax" to unify the various PST and GST regimes. As BCL points out, it is becoming a political liability in its own right - referring to it as the "Harper Sales Tax" (oh please, can somebody use that line in a campaign ad?)

On top of that, the HarperCon$ are busy trying to play favourites with an environmental policy designed to favour oil sands development while holding Ontario and Quebec manufacturing to different and higher standards.

I'm sure that this is going to play well for the HarperCon$.

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