Saturday, September 12, 2009

As If They Listen at all...

So, the Conservatives are admitting that they ignore voters who disagree with them.

Ignoring the queer vote is the way to win the Vancouver Centre riding in a possible fall federal election, says a letter from the newly anointed Vancouver Centre Conservative Party candidate.

This comes as no surprise. In Alberta, Conservative MPs do their level best not to talk to anybody who isn't among the party faithful. I haven't seen anything that resembles even a pro forma attempt to communicate from my MP in ages. I'm assuming that most of his communications allotment is being spent on 10%ers.

We already know that there's a streak of bigotry in the Harper government - it's shown up in so many policy decisions they have made you'd have to be deliberately ignoring it not to notice - whether it's the sudden demotion of Diane Ablonczy for daring to provide funding to the Toronto Pride parade, or the plethora of dark skinned Canadians that have been left twisting in the breeze by a Canadian government seemingly uninterested in dealing with protecting its citizens abroad.

Canadians - if we have an election this fall (and it's a big if), ask yourself if a candidate who won't even approach some of their constituency residents is likely to represent your interests at all - especially when your interests run contrary to Big Daddy Harper's ideology or goals.

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