Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So ... How Much Is Harper Paying You, Jack?

I see that the NDP has chosen to prop up the HarperCon$:

The NDP will join with Bloc Québécois to support the Conservatives financial ways-and-means motion to be introduced on Friday. The motion, which includes the popular tax credits for home renovation, is considered a confidence issue and its defeat could trigger an election.

But the NDP will also support the proposed EI reforms and will vote for the measures in order to get them into a parliamentary committee, which can be a lengthy process.

That means the party would refrain from voting the government down on any other confidence motion that would trigger an election, including a Liberal no-confidence motion expected the first week of October.

I sure hope Harper's paid you a bundle, Jack ... because when he screws you over, it had better be worth every dime of it to you.

It seems to me that Layton has just shown that his principles are for sale - no NDP leader with any actual principles should ever be willing to get into bed with Harper's band of neoCons.

As for Mr. Harper, remind me again why "unelected coalitions" are a bad thing? Seems to me that's exactly what you've just created.

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