Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wondering Why Conservative Candidates Are So Quiet?

The silence of the HarperCon$ has been deafening. Except for big daddy opening his mouth to pollute the air, Conservative candidates have individually been just about non-existent in Calgary. (With the possible exception of Prentice - and I suspect he's speaking only with special dispensation from his masters).

Then we get Rob Anders making comments off the record:

Rob Anders' political views are again coming under fire, as a local lawyer and humanitarian said the Calgary West Conservative told her he believes that Canadian diplomacy and humanitarian work should focus on changing outsiders' language to English and faith to Christianity.

Coming from Anders, this isn't terribly surprising - it's not like he's ever exhibited anything resembling an understanding of tact, much less diplomacy.

"If anybody in the world saw or heard that the MP in my riding was saying that he thought humanitarian agencies should go out and change religions, I am at personal risk and so are the volunteers that get on the plane and go do this work," said Kennedy-Glans, founder of Calgary-based Bridges Social Development.

Which is precisely the point that we should be thinking about - statements like Anders' will reverberate when they become public. The consequences for others could be quite serious - especially if they are in countries that are sensitive to the notion of 'Christian Crusade'.

In an interview Tuesday, Anders said her accusations misconstrue his position, noting he's regularly donated his time and money to helping Tibetan organizations, which practice a different religion and speak a foreign language.

The classic "but some of my best friends are ..." defense. It still doesn't change the underlying bigotry and arrogance of the statements.


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If you are referring to Rob Anders, you might be close to the mark.

(With the exception that Anders has gotten elected)