Friday, October 03, 2008

Economics and the Ideology of Deep Integration

If you have been paying attention, there's an active movement afoot to tie Canada to the United States often called 'Deep Integration'. Think of it as Free Trade only with serious implications for Canada's sovereignty in many ways.

The HarperCon$ have been big on this for years - in fact they'd like to go a step or two further. Now, consider the current economic mess in the United States for a moment. It's not pretty, is it? So, someone explain to me Harper's utter lack of policy - or even proposals - to protect Canadians?

There's no policy there because doing anything would fly in the face of one of the tenets of Harper's ideological dogma. I'll take Dion's ideas over Harper's absenteeism on this one - even if Dion's ideas are incomplete.

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