Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Silence of the Con$

Aside from PMSH, finding a Conservative candidate willing to make an utterance of any sort is next to impossible. If you are in Calgary, you'd have to find them first - which likely means a trip to their campaign "war room" in Ottawa (or wherever the heck it is).

This is not acceptable democracy - but then anybody who has been paying attention will have long ago realized that democracy is not what Harper really practices.

However, at least some of the media are catching on to big daddy's muzzled campaign:

Tory candidates have obligation to share views

But then again, I can sort of see Harper's point - when you have candidates out there like Rob Anders, Maurice Vellacott, Ken Epp and no doubt plenty of others, letting them open their mouths might just horrify enough people to convince the public that they don't want to be governed by a bunch of TheoCons.

H/T: Cathie From Canada

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