Thursday, October 09, 2008

So, What Was That About Progress?

In recent weeks, reality has been slapping PMSH's Most Excellent Adventure in Imperialism upside the head.

First it was a British diplomat raising concerns over the prospect of any kind of meaningful success in Afghanistan, and now the US is expecting failure as well.

The classified report finds that the breakdown in central authority in Afghanistan has been accelerated by rampant corruption within the government of President Hamid Karzai and by an increase in violence by militants who have launched increasingly sophisticated attacks from havens in Pakistan.

Breakdown? What breakdown? You can't have a breakdown of something that never existed. There are good reasons why Karzai is sardonically referred to as the "Prince of Kabul" - and it's not because of his amazing success in unifying the country under his leadership.

The report, a nearly completed version of a National Intelligence Estimate, is set to be finished after the November elections and will be the most comprehensive American assessment in years on the situation in Afghanistan. Its conclusions represent a harsh verdict on decision-making in the Bush administration, which in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks made Afghanistan the central focus of a global campaign against terrorism.

You don't say? That's what happens when you elect a blind ideologue to power - they make really stupid decisions - on a near daily basis. That the NeoCon Bush administration screwed the response to 9/11 royally is no surprise; and it should equally be little surprise to Canadians that the current Prime Minister is hell-bent on following in "Dubya's" shoes.

Think about that on Tuesday, October 14 when you cast your ballots.

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Woodwose said...

We are coming up to Halfway Day. At the present time almost half of the Canadian Peacekeepers ever killed have been killed in our Afghanistan adventure. The balance will tip around Remembrance Day this year.

Keep that in mind when you vote and when you see the old veterans on the 11th.