Monday, September 24, 2007

PMSH and the Pesky Thing Called Reality

There's Stephen Harper's version of "Environment Policy", and then there's the reality of what his policies actually accomplish.

Once again, we find Harper the denialist coming out, and proposing what amount to "do nothing" policies that are so far in the future his involvement will be long forgotten:

Canada, which signed Kyoto under a previous Liberal government, is not poised to meet its target. Instead, the Conservative government has pledged to reduce the country's overall emissions to 20 per cent lower than 2006 levels by 2020.

Of course, we can't leave along the denialist in Harper - his letter to the UN underscores it:

In contrast to the repeated doomsday pronouncements of other leaders, Mr. Harper's letter appears to insert some doubt as to whether global warming is the most important environmental issue.

Climate change is perhaps the biggest environmental threat faced by our planet today, and Canada is committed to achieving significant reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions over the coming years,” the Prime Minister wrote.

Perhaps? Perhaps?! This underscores that Harper continues to listen not to the science, but to a handful of nihilists whose objectives are tied tightly to big money industry. Of course, Harper's been fumbling the Environment Portfolio since day one - why should Canadians expect anything to change?

And, as if to reinforce Harper's denial, he's in the process of shutting down the very programs that monitor the situation from various perspectives. Like the discussion of around women's issues, if you aren't monitoring and measuring, how do you know that what you claim is happening is happening? (Or not, as the case may be)

Canada's Gnu Government - Doing Little and Accomplishing Less Every Day

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