Saturday, September 08, 2007

APEC Agreement ... to do nothing

Harper is busy bragging about persuading APEC leaders to an agreement on climate change. Superficially, this might even be impressive ... until you look a little closer:

“Canada, Japan and others have articulated a specific goal we would like to see,” he said, adding that they had suggested reducing emissions by half by 2050. The agreement calls for a reduction of 25 per cent by 2030.

The Prime Minister said any agreement that involved countries such as China and the United States that have not signed on to the Kyoto accord would be a success.

Waitasec - I've heard this before...oh yes Rona Ambrose put it before the House of Commons as "The Clean Air Act" - a do nothing piece of legislative puffery intended to sweep an issue under the carpet.

Once again, Stephen Harper shows us his true colours - his position on climate issues hasn't moved one iota - he's just quit talking about it in Canada because he knows he'll get swatted about for lying.

This time, he's trying to make himself out to be a "foreign affairs genius" by "forging an agreement" to do absolutely nothing.

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