Sunday, September 02, 2007

Catching LifeSite In A Lie

Actually, not so much Lifesite as PFOX.

Last week, PFOX posted this press release claiming that volunteers at their booth had been assaulted by gay activists, and Lifesite dutifully parrotted the story.

Since Lifesite has a history of lies and distortion, I spent some time trying to find corroborating stories that would substantiate the PFOX claims - I came up empty-handed, which I thought to be a little strange. Normally something like this at a county fair would at least have been picked up by the Arlington media - especially since PFOX claims that police were involved, but since I couldn't substantiate the story from a second source, I chose to leave it alone.

Well, the people over at Ex-Gay Watch (an organization that tracks...and calls out...the lies and distortions from groups like PFOX and Lifesite) have tried to do the same kind of research I was doing - only they went further:

We contacted the Arlington PD and ended up speaking with John Lisle of the Media Relations/Legislative Affairs Office. He had no initial knowledge of such an incident. After checking briefly, he again said that no one was aware of such an incident. So we sent a copy of the PFOX statement to him at which time he agreed to check more thoroughly. After over two days of research, there was nothing he could add to his statement; no report exists and no one recalls such an incident.

So...if there was an altercation, it appears that either Arlington police weren't involved, or PFOX is lying through their proverbial teeth about involving them.

Of course, the right-wing anti-gay rights crowd thinks little of resorting to blatant lies and distortion to justify their narrow minded stance.

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