Monday, September 10, 2007

As If You Needed More Evidence

To convince you that Harper's interest in democracy only goes as far as his ideology and lock-step with G. W. Bush allow:

Harper to delay troop vote until assured of result

Oh yes - wasn't it just recently that Peter Mackay said that the current mission in Afghanistan would be over in 2009? Which simply tells us that the HarperCon$ are trying to tell us whatever they think we want to hear.

and ...

PM signals Canada unlikely to back UN declaration

... a declaration that Canada has been one of the key authors of - even if it does put us in an awkward position in some respects. (and BushCo has been adamantly opposed to)

The Conservatives in this country say the declaration could undermine Canada's Constitution and harm existing land deals.

“There have been some changes to the document that improve it slightly,” said Mr. Harper. “They don't meet all of our objections and we are going to have to take a careful look at that.”

I can only imagine what their 'objections' might be. (Probably that they didn't think of it, or worse, that it actually recognizes that aboriginal peoples actually have rights)

If this man was any more in lock-step with the US Rethuglicans, I don't know how he'd do it.

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