Sunday, September 23, 2007

Campaigning by the Children

It seems that Richard Evans' idea of "campaigning" is to sit around trying to slag his opponent by making silly little videos of them.

Oh, how amusing - try to "humiliate" Bob Hawkesworth by casting him in the female role to Jack Layton - using a cheezy little framework put together by JibJab. Oh, the humiliation that Bob H. must be feeling right now.

Frankly, this kind of juvenile crap is about what I would have expected out of "student council" elections - when I was in grade 7.

But, coming from a small man who laughs at victims of rape, cybersquats on domains to make other bloggers "look bad", and doesn't actually respond to criticism of his notions, but instead descends into attacking the author, I don't suppose we should be overly surprised.

Let me give you a little hint, Richard - there's a little more to being a politician than simply trying to slag your opponents with childish ad-hominem attacks. You might actually want to put forward real ideas...that haven't already passed their "best before" date.


dragon said...

Y'know, the last little 'jib/jab' style video I saw on an election campaign was down in the states. I didn't like it then - and I certainly do not like it now.

Children find a need to ridicule others to make themselves feel bigger and better. Apparently Mr. Evans feels the same need.

Only a politician without a solid platform to stand on will fall to the dirty tricks of belittling his opponent.

I quite liked the little article that I found on the REAL Canadian Cynic website pertaining to Mr. Evans' little fascination with pedeofilia. I recommend that you go and check it out (

Although we might want to question why Mr. Evans finds himself fascinated with the idea of seeing himself dancing with another man. After all, he has made it clear that he is homophobic...

Anonymous said...

ya got to wonder if Mr Evans would be able to debate a point of view in the Municipal Council chamber on a given issue -- or would he have to resort to antics of ridicule, immaturity and/or grand-standing.

Is Mr Evans mature enough to be an Alderman?

Anonymous said...

Mature enough? He's less mature than McIver, and everybody's seen the grandstanding that nimwit does when he doesn't get his way.

Richard said...

I didn't intend to cast Bob as the female but once I saw how the color of the skirt brought out the color in his eyes I had to go with it.

Oh, my server's down right now but I've got the clip up on You Tube. You may want to redirect your link there:

The object of the video is to highlight Bobs far-left affiliations which is relevant in the campaign. People have to wonder, if they won't give dippers any real power at the provincial and federal levels, why would they do it at the municipal level?

If it makes you feel better, you can think of it as educating the masses in a humorous way...

Grog said...

Hawkesworth's involvement with the NDP is neither news nor newsworthy in this city. Whether he still maintains an involvement with the NDP is unknown to me, and mostly irrelevant.

Contrary to popular mythology, Alberta is not a political monolith that votes uniformly. Hawkesworth was well regarded as an MLA, and to date, most Ward 4 voters have decided that he has done his job as Alderman fairly well (at least up to the 2004 election - the jury's out on the last session.

Frankly, the fact that you seem to need to attack Hawkesworth's past, rather than present new ideas merely reinforces the perception that you have no actual ideas to put forth.

Richard said...

Frankly, the fact that you seem to need to attack Hawkesworth's past, rather than present new ideas merely reinforces the perception that you have no actual ideas to put forth.

You obviously haven't visited my website:

Anonymous said...

richard said: You obviously haven't visited my website:

I think you have just proven Grog's point with your own website