Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The TheoCon Party of Canada

Shortly after Garth Turner was turfed from the CPoC caucus in Ottawa, I started to speculate that his demise as a Conservative had a bit to do with the TheoCons in the party flexing their muscles.

An anonymous commenter pointed me to the potential of Dianne Haskett's candidacy. Others in the blogosphere have been digging up quite a bit about Ms. Haskett's resume, and it's a little unsettling to say the least.

Starting with Rob Edger, we find quite a list of things that link Ms. Haskett back not only to the U.S. Republican Party, but to an American Religious Lobby group.

...and just for giggles, we find Garth Turner publishing an "arm-twisting" memo that came down on Parliament Hill recently regarding Ms. Haskett's campaign.

All I can say is that this simply reinforces my perception that the CPoC is being utterly dishonest with Canadians about what they really represent.

H/T: Allison @ CreekSide


shaun said...

Thought you might like to know that Brian Roodnick (Concerned Parents of BC) has backed off his "slander" charge. Here's the back story - my brother writes for the Vancouver Province and I had mentioned the Correns protest and the alarming rise of the fundies in Canadian Politics. Being the excellent little brother that he is and listening to his big sister (as he should!) he wrote the story. Unfortunately the night editor put the sub-headline containing the description "anti-gay" which is what drove mr roodnick to threatening charges of slander. The paper has since published an apology for using that term. It was also mentioned to him that a google search easily linked his group to more extreme groups who are more transparently homophobic. (Obfuscate much? )
Guess he backed down as he is entering politics and doesn't want to start a war with the papers that could open up some pretty ugly stuff. Anyway, my brother and I agree that despite the paper having to retract the statement, a light has been shone under that particular rotting stump.
Just thought I'd let you know as you were so quick to help out with my request on cc.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....sounds speculative. Having read the record, there is no evidence that Roodnick is anti-Gay dispite the optics.

Grog said...

there is no evidence that Roodnick is anti-Gay dispite the optics.

Horsefeathers. Groups Assail pro-gay education agreement

Let's just think about this. Roodnik threatens to sue when the headline contains "anti-gay", but when a "Christian" news site posts a headline about "assailing a pro-gay agreement", he doesn't bitch and whine? Do the math. He's running around whining about the curriculum IN AN OPTIONAL COURSE because it happens to address homosexuality in terms he doesn't like. That's pretty much the definition of "anti-gay" in my books.

Roodnik is trying to conceal his bigotry, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Gee..and I thought that anti-gay was actually supporting discrimination against gays. Roodnick is on the record as promoting the Social Justice 12 Course. He is also on the record as wanting the Corren Settlement Agreement implemented in every detail. He has also said on several occassions that the Correns have a point. How is that anti-gay?

Anonymous said...

You say that Roodnick 'backed down' from the slander charge. If the paper published a retraction and apology....why would he not be content..that is hardly backing down!?

If there was any evidence that he is anti-gay...why would the paper publish the apology?