Friday, October 13, 2006

Ignatieff Gets One Right

The sniping comments coming from Prime Minister Harper around Michael Ignatieff's comments criticizing Israel appear to have finally gotten Ignatieff to start finding his rhetorical legs.

In today's Globe and Mail, Ignatieff makes some very lucid, and clear statements abouut the whole business:

Nevertheless, he insisted he won't be muzzled by outraged reaction from Jewish groups or accusations from the prime minister that he's anti-Israel.

“Canadians deserve a prime minister that helps Canadians from all communities to find a common language in which we can speak about difficult issues together,” Mr. Ignatieff said.

Followed by this most insightful statement:

“All communities in Canada have a right to contribute to the public debate about where Canada's national interest lies but no community has the right to determine what can and cannot be said.

“And no prime minister has the right to say that anyone who voices criticism of Israel is an enemy of Israel.”

Well said.

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Anonymous said...

Well Ignatief rolled a natural 20 on saves versus poisoned tongues. Good for him.


(Spot the ex D&D gamer)