Friday, October 27, 2006

Politics Is The Art Of Compromise

Sadly, it seems that HarperCreep hasn't figured that out yet.

The CPoC government seems to think that their legislation should go through unaltered by the committee process. Even more peculiar is the fact that they are using filibuster tactics in committee to halt private member's bills. It's a little odd - to say the least - for a sitting government to engage in filibuster tactics at any time.

The sniping is getting somewhat amusing though:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused the opposition Thursday of being "anti-democratic" — even as the Liberals offered an olive branch by agreeing to pass more than half of Harper's proposed tough-on-crime bills.

Liberal Leader Bill Graham bridled at the accusation:

"If the prime minister wants to find the problem with his legislative agenda has he tried to take a look in his own mirror?," Graham told the House of Commons.

But the real smackdown comes from Gilles Duceppe:

Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said the Tories are worse in government than the Liberals because they're not only arrogant, but incompetent as well.

"I would say they're paralyzing themselves," Duceppe told a news conference.

"(Stephen) Harper was telling us — Jack and I — at the time we were in opposition that the Liberals were arrogant in not speaking to us.

"He's doing worse than them. And since they have almost no experience in the House, they're worse than the Liberals in the procedures because they're acting like amateurs."

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Scout said...

sad to say we have a bulldozer as a prime minister. i can't see him as the 'punch out' bully in school...more like the 'i'm telling mom and dad' type.