Thursday, March 04, 2010

If You Must Lie

... don't tell one that that is readily checked for veracity.

Asked Wednesday why he blocked any information about same-sex marriage and Charter rights protecting sexual orientation, Jason Kenney said: “I did not do such a thing. No, no, you are wrong.”

Uh huh ... so how does the erstwhile minister explain the following:

But a memo to Mr. Kenney from bureaucrats at Citizenship and Immigration last June show the sections were removed at the request of the minister's office. Another memo to Mr. Kenney in August indicates bureaucrats were rebuffed when they made a last-ditch request to have gay rights re-inserted in the guide.

Whether or not is Mr. Kenney personally, or his office staff is irrelevant - as the minister he is responsible for the actions of his staff as well as himself. For his staff to make those decisions, they had to have believed that Kenney would approve.

... and as the Minister responsible, one has to imagine that Kenney himself had a substantial hand in the creation of the booklet that he unveiled with such fanfare last year.

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